2020 The Game has been featured in both The Everett Herald and Lynnwood Today.  We were fortunate enough to be able to play The Game over Zoom with the reporters from each of these papers so that they could try it out for themselves.  You can read what they wrote about us and the game at the links below!

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"Everyone will enjoy... regardless of your personal politics"

I tested the game (and I “Survived 2020”). This game is great! Everyone gets points in 3 categories to start and you play to gain/keep your points. Watch out! Don’t get Covid! Everyone will enjoy this one, regardless of your personal politics.

-Julie C.

"Very clever and humorous!"
"So much fun!"

I was lucky enough to play test this before production - it is such a fun game for right now! Everyone will be entertained by this game - very clever and humorous! We also enjoy that it can be played over Zoom!

-Kay N.


So much fun.  You guys are so amazingly clever!

Wish I was on  Facebook so I could give you a rave review.


Anyway, enjoyed by all.  I sent a copy to my sister, and another to my nephew.

I am pretty sure they will like it as well.

-Jody K.