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About Us

​2020: The Game's creators Kathryn Christensen and Jonathan Noble live in Bothell, WA.  They've been together since 2017, and board games have been a big part of their relationship.  In fact, their first date was at their local game store and restaurant, Zulu's!  The couple enjoys a wide variety of games, including Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Dominion, Everdell, Pandemic, and many more! (Far too many great games to list!)

When they aren't playing games, Kathryn is a horse trainer, and Jonathan is a graphic designer.  Kathryn grew up riding horses and decided at an early age that training would be her dream career (her current fantasy is that 2020: The Game will take off and make enough money for her to buy a farm of her own!).  She started her own training business in 2012 and has been growing it ever since.  Jonathan went to school for design, and he's worked at Fastsigns of Lynnwood since 2007.  His graphic design skills proved to be very useful in helping create the designs and layout of the cards for 2020: The Game.


As it was for so many people, 2020 was a strange time for Kathryn and Jonathan.  One day, while playing Magic together during quarantine, Kathryn had the idea for a game about 2020.  They started discussing it and brainstorming it together, and as they like to say, "it basically wrote itself".  Once the idea was born, it seemed that hardly a day went by without the news giving a great idea for a new card.  There was just SO much strange stuff that happened.

The couple has close friends with a wide variety of political beliefs, and it was very important to them to design the game in a way that was unbiased so that it could be enjoyed by all and didn't target or offend any group.  They did a lot of consulting and playtesting with friends who differ in beliefs from them to help achieve this important goal.  2020 was filled with serious (and often tragic) health, political, social, and financial issues that touched nearly everyone in some way.  Kathryn and Jonathan will be the first to recognize the seriousness of these issues, yet they created their game to have a lighthearted and humorous tone, because they believe that humor can be therapeutic and can bring people together.  There were plenty of shared experiences in 2020 that nearly everyone, regardless of their opinions on various matters, can relate to.  Kathryn and Jonathan hope that their game helps people to come together to share a laugh about those experiences and to realize that even though we have our differences, we're all in this together.

The couple hopes to create more games in the future and even has another game in development.  Follow them on Social Media to stay updated! (Links below)

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